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 How to be a millionaire?

In today’s society, the pursuit of wealth has become a fashion. There are many millionaires around us, can we also be one of them? Is that a distant dream? Being a millionaire is absolutely not decided by fate and luck, but in fact, as long as we have a plan for long-term accumulation of wealth and the right strategy combined with the patience and perseverance, we have a great opportunity of becoming rich. Here are some specific ideas I want to discuss with you.

Be hard-working. No one can be rich with doing nothing, the harder you work the more you will get. Tim Cook gets up to  work at four o’clock in the morning every day. Wealthy people are so hard-working, we don’t have any reason to get slack. God always care for diligent people.

Learn to save money. If every time you could only spend up to nine when you have ten coins in your wallet, it won’t be too long before your pocket is bulging. You will feel comfortable with the weight of your coins increased, your soul will satisfied.

That may make you laugh because it sounds too simple, but I dare say that this is a wonderful truth. When I control my spending no more than nine over ten of the income, I still had a comfortable life, but saving money is much easier than before.

Gold will not go in his door whose wallet is often a flat.

Make a budget for cost. Everyone is carrying many desires that  can’t be fulfilled with their ability, they can only meet a few of them. You will find the cost can remove or reduce which you thought it indispensable before with a careful study and analysis of your life habit. Selected the things which are necessary to do indeed, and then pay for them with nine over ten of the money in your wallet. Cross out the unnecessary, it will only add to your greed when you are too indulgent with your lust.

Spend money to buy stocks or equity funds. The common experience of millionaires is that they don’t believe gold or rare collection, put heart on stock is the beginning of building wealth.

Run your own business. The probability of becoming a millionaire by doing your business is four times larger than the salariat. The income of salariat is depend on employer, however,  self-employers can realize their ambition if they are smart and efficient enough. They can work freely and get as much as they want by paying more effort than others.

Be a fortune hunter and never satisfied. Millionaires are always ambitious and there is no ‘retire’  in their dictionary. Their business is their life, they can feel very cheerful in working and pursuing, in this way they can find the meaning of life. Take full advantage of every resource you can use to increase your income and never stop.

I believe everybody has the talent to become a millionaire, there are no poor people only lazy people. Start planing and working now, you will be a millionaire one day.





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